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1. Festival Status.

1.1. The 18th KROK International Animated Film Festival will be held from the 24th of September till the 3d of October 2011 on board of the river cruiser "Princessa Dnipra" following the route: Kiev Dnepropetrovsk - Zaporozhye - Kherson - Sevastopol - Odessa.
1.2. KROK festival is the only film festival on the territory of the CIS that is held by both Ukraine and Russia by turns and on a parity basis.

The Festival is backed up by following bodies:

from the part of Ukraine: the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the National Filmmakers' Union of Ukraine;

from the part of Russia: Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation
(Federal Agency of Culture and Cinema), the Filmmakers' Union of Russia.
1.3. The Festival is headed by two Presidents: David Cherkassky (Ukraine) and Edward Nazarov (Russia).
The Honorary President of the festival is Yuriy Norshteyn.

1.4. The Organizing Committee and General Direction, consisting of representatives of the two countries, are responsible for the Festival's organization and functioning.

2. Aims and purposes.

The Festival-2009 is an international showcase of the best works in the world animation made in the course of the last two years. It is committed to facilitating the exchange of creative experience, the search of new ideas, styles, technologies, and fusion of local animation into the global filmmaking process.

3. Terms of films reception for participating in the festival.

3.1. The Organizing Committee appoints the Selection Commission consisting of professionals in animation field. From the works presented for selection the Selection Commission chooses films for competition and information programmes. Decisions of the Selection Commission are final.

The General Direction reserves the right to include into competition the works of high artistic values that were not submitted for selection within the requested dates due to inescapable circumstances.

3.2. In entry forms, it's necessary to point out only one category, in which the film is supposed to be shown:
- Films up to 5 minutes;
- Films of 5-10 minutes;
- Films of 10-50 minutes;
- Films for children;
- Applied and commissioned animation (education film, music video, advertising film, TV- trailer).
Notice! It is important!

Student works are not accepted for 2011 edition. They will be considered for the KROK festival in 2012.

The debut films are considered by the selection committee on general grounds.

Any film, made frame by frame or with the use of computer technologies may be entered into the competition programme of the festival, but in both cases it should be the fact of creative activity.

3.3. Films for the Selection Commission and for Competition are sent on DVD (only in DVD format). Only one film should be recorded on each DVD. Films on 16 mm and 35 mm film are not accepted.
3.4. Films entered for competition should be made from April 2009 till May 2011. Films that won prizes at other festivals may take part in the competition programme.

4. Prizes of the festival.

4.1. International Jury of the festival consists of 5 persons and is chosen by the Organizing Committee. Members of the Jury represent different countries and professionally deal with animation art.
The Jury awards following prizes:
-Grand Prix of the Festival for the best film in the competition programme (5000 US dollars)
-Special Jury prizes
-Prize for the best film in each category
-Diplomas of the festival

Upon the joint decision of the Jury and Organizing Committee, the Festival awards special Alexander Tatarsky Prize The Plasticine Crow - Virtuoso Pilot.

In certain categories, financial rewards are awarded together with the prizes. In addition, some prizes and awards can be instituted by public organizations and sponsors of the Festival.

4.2. International Jury works according to the Regulations, accepted at its first Meeting.

Comment: the persons who took part in the creation or distribution of the films, which are entered or included in competition programme, cannot be members of the Selection Commission and International Jury.

5. Films shipment and delivery.

5.1. All submissions, including DVD copies of the films, should be received no later than May 15th, 2011 at the address:
Saksaganskogo Street, 6
01033, Kiev, Ukraine

5.2. The discs sent by regular mail or air freight are to bear indications as following:
"For cultural purposes only. No commercial value". (Value for customs - maximum 10 euro or
10 dollars).

5.3. DVD, sent for selection and for festival displaying, are not returned.

5.4. The Organizing Committee will inform producers (directors) about the results of the selection by August 10th, 2011.

6. Arrival and departure of participants and guests of the festival.

6.1. The Organizing Committee shall bear all costs connected with the guests and participants' stay in Ukraine (accommodation, full board) during the Festival.
6.2. Travel costs (two ways) are to be borne by the participants and guests.

7. General provisions.

7.1. These rules and regulations are made in Russian and English. Should the meaning of the latter be contested, the Russian version alone has legal value.

7.2. Participation in the KROK Festival implies acceptance, without reservation, of the terms of the present regulations. All disputable questions, arising in the course of preparation and carrying out of the festival, shall be solved by the Organizing Committee in good faith and compliance with the laws, justice and common sense.

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