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The Grand Prix goes to Overtime (authors Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland, Damien Ferrie - France).

Special Prize of the Jury "For mature direction in the young cinema" goes to Bus Ride and Flowers in her Hair (director Asaf Agranat - Great Britain, Scotland).

Special Prize of the Jury "For the best program presented by a film school" goes to SHAR studio-school (Russia).

Diplomas for Graduation Works:
  • "For merging animation with live action" to Smile (authors Naom Abta, Yoav Abramovich - Israel)
  • "For an original idea" to Doors are Opening (director Anastasia Zhuravleva - Russia)
  • "For original dramatization of classical material" to Jam-Session (director Izabela Plucinska - Germany-Poland)
  • "For humour and absurdity" to Khelom's Customs (director Irina Litmanovich - Russia)
  • "For an indulgent rememberance of a tough childhood" to About Me (director Maria Sosnina - Russia)
  • Prize and diploma to Birdcalls (director Malcolm Sutherland - Canada)
Diplomas for First professional film made after graduation:
  • "For unexpected view of a delicate subject" to The Flesh and Bones (director Amy Lee - Republic of Korea)
  • "For charm and spontaneity" to Sarah's Tale (director Svetlana Filippova -Russia)
  • "For tenderness and sensuality" to Sparrows are Children of Pigeons (director Nina Bisyarina - Russia)
  • Prize and diploma to Tower Bawher (director Theodore Ushev - Canada)
for Student films made in training to the following films:
  • Diploma "For professionalism" to The Building (authors Marco Nguyen, Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonede, Olivier Staphylas, Remi Zaarour - France)
  • Prize and Diploma to The Scene from the Life of Antelopes (director Edita Kravsova - Czech Republic)

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