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The Jury of the KROK-2007 International Animated Films Festival  
Igor Kovalyov (USA) – Head of the Jury
Sayoko Kinoshita (Japan)
Alexandr Boubnov (Ukraine)
Valentin Olshvang (Russia)
Rao Heidmets (Estonia)
decided to award:
In the category “Films up to 5 minutes of running time”  
Diploma to the film: «Pole Hole», director Alexey Alexeev, Hungary – «For lightness and elegance»
Diploma to the film «Unbreakable Nail-Do», director Mikhail Tumelya, Belarussia – «For brevity and wit»
Diploma to the film: «Lapsus», director Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina – «For humour and harmony of the black and white»
Prize and diploma to the film: «Play», director George Schwitzgebel, Switzerland-Canada
In the category “Films of 5-10 minutes of running time”  
Diploma to the film: «Rain down from Above», director Ivan Maximov, Russia– «For creating the moving and surreal world»
Diploma to the film: «Dreams and Fantasies – Family Ties», director Joanna Quinn, Great Britain – «For acuteness and expressiveness»
Diploma to the film: «The Memory of Dogs», director Simone Massi, France-Italy – «For the philosophical comprehension of movement in time»
Diploma to the film: «Lavatory-Lovestory», director Konstantin Bronzit, Russia – «For virtuosity and transparency»
Diploma to the film: «The Runt», director Andreas Hykade, Germany – «For grasping the poetry of the cruel world»
Prize and diploma to the film: “Rabbit”, director Run Wrake, Britain
In the category “Films of 10-40 minutes of running time”  
Diploma to the film: “Leviathan”, director Simon Bogojevich-Narath, Croatia – “For the refinement of the apocalyptic vision”
Diploma to the film: «Lullaby», director Andrey Zolotukhin, Russia – “For feeling the fragile link between the real and the conventional”.
Diploma to the film «Printed Rainbow», director Gitanjali Rao, India – «For wisdom and poetry»
Diploma to the film «Apple Pie», director Isabelle Favez, Switzerland – «For lightness of the tragicomic story»
Prize and diploma to the film: «Franz Kafka Village Doctor», director Koji Yamamura, Japan;
Prize and diploma to the film: «My Love», director Alexander Petrov, Russia
In the category “Films for children”  
Diploma to the film: «Aston’s Stones», directors Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad, Sweden – «For the imageable understanding of childish psychology»
Prize, diploma and $3000 to the film «The White Wolf», director Pierre-Luc Granjon, France
In the category “Applied and Commissioned Animation”  
Diploma: «Multi-Russia» («We Live in Russia»), directors Stepan Biriukov, Alexey Pochivalov – “For the ironic patriotism»
Diploma: «Jukebox», director Alexey Budovsky, USA – «For the brightness of form»
Prize and diploma: commercial «Safety of Traffic», directors – Alena Oyatieva, Elena Chernova, Russia
In the category “Film – the part of animation project”  
Diploma to the film: «Karelian Lullaby (part of the project «World Lullabies»), director Lisa Skvortsova, Russia – «For the elegance of the lulling design»
Diploma to the film «Epistolary Novel» (part of the project «Funny-Balls»), director Alexey Gorbunov, Russia – «For the dramatic composition»
Prize and diploma to the film: “Zhikharka» (part of the project «Pile of Gems»), director Oleg Uzhinov, Russia
- «For the new interpretation of Prokofiev’s theme» and $3000 to the film «Peter and the Wolf», director Suzie Templeton, Great Britain-Poland
- «For the originality of the cinematic language and visuals” and $3000 to the film «Declaration in Love», director Dmitriy Geller, Russia
- «For the Funniest Film» and $3000 to the film «Brothers Bearhearts», director Riho Unt, Estonia
ALEXANDER TATARSKY PRIZE «THE PLASTICINE CROW» - «Virtuoso Pilot» and $3000 - to the film «Wolf Daddy», director Chan Hyung-Yun, South Korea
GRAND PRIX and $5000 to the film “The Pearce Sisters”, director Luis Cook, Great Britain

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