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Of the 18th International Animated Film Festival ‘KROK’
September, 29th, 2011 Sebastopol
The International Jury Committee consisting of
Henri Heidsieck (France) – The Head of the Jury Committee
Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina)
Andrey Kurkov (Ukraine)
Joana Toste (Portugal)
Svyatoslav Ushakov (Russia)


In the category “Films up to 5 minutes”:
- Diploma “For treatment of animation as one’s beloved pet” to a film “The Black Dog’s Progress”, director Stephen Irwin (Great Britain);
- Prize in the category – to a film “Rubika”, directors Claire Bauean, Ludovic Habas and others (France).

In the category “Films of 5 – 10 minutes”:
- Diploma “For plastic dynamic” to a film “Love & Theft”, director Andreas Hykade (Germany);
- Prize in the category – to a film “Nullarbor”, directors Alister Lockhart, Patrick Sarell (Australia).

In the category “Films of 10 – 50 minutes”:
- Diploma “For gentle touch of a difficult topic of human fate” to a film “Sweetheart”, director Ekaterina Sokolova (Russia);
- Diploma for “High emotional strain” to a film “Angry Man”, director Anita Killi (Norway);
- Diploma “For the most serious film” to a film “Lipsett Diaries”, director Theodore Ushev (Canada);
- Prize in the category – to a film “The External World”, director David OReilly (Germany).

In the category “Films for Children”:
- Diploma “For fantastic charms” to a film “Berry Pie”, director Elena Chernova (Russia);
- Diploma “For creation of a story with nonintrusive moral” to a film “Princess’ Painting”, directors Johannes Weiland, Klaus Morschheuser (Germany);
- Prize in the category and 5000 US dollars - to a film “Dodu – the Cardboard Boy”, director Jose Miguel Ribeiro (Portugal).

In the category “Applied and commissioned animation”:
- Diploma for “Effective minimalism” to films “Usha Sewing Machine” and “Save our Tiger – Game”, director Eriyat Suresh (India);
- Diploma “for the genuine sense of humour” to TV – series “LOG JAM”, director Alexey Alekseev (Hungary);
- Prize in the category – to TV series “Floyd the Android”, director Jonathan Lyons (USA).

- Special jury prize “For unsinkable sense of humour” to a film “Tides To and Fro”, director Ivan Maximov (Russia);
- Special jury prize “For graphic solution” to a film “The Crossing”, director Elise Simard (Canada);
- Special jury prize “For the First Professional Film” and 5000 US dollars to a film “Dripped”, director Leo Verrier (France);

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