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The Festival Grand Prix and 5000 US Dollars to a film ‘Madagascar, a Journey Diary’, director Bastien Dubois, France

Special Alexander Tatarskiy prize ‘The Plasticine Crow’ – ‘Virtuoso Pilot’ and 3000 US Dollars to a film ‘One More Time’, directors Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, Tatiana Okruzhnova, Elena Petrova, Alina Yakh’yaeva, Nataliya Pavlycheva, Marina Arkhipova, Russia.

Special Jury Prize ‘For the best film for children’ to a film ‘The Little Boy and the Beast’, directors Johannes Weiland, Uwe Heidschotter, Germany.

Special Jury Prize ‘For poetry, translated into animation without words’ and 4000 US Dollars to a film ‘The Lighthouse’, director Velislava Gospodinova, Bulgaria.

in a category ‘Student Films which were Created During the Studies’:

The Category Prize and 3000 US Dollars to a film ‘A Gum Boy’, director Masaki Okuda, Japan.

Diploma ‘For original design of original story’ to a film ‘In Scale’, director ‘Marina Moshkova, Russia.

Diploma ‘For philosophical combination of flora and fauna’ to a film ‘Bird’, director Gerhard Funk, Germany.

in a category ‘Graduation Film’

The Category Prize and 3000 US Dollars to a film ‘Stanley Pickle’, director Vicky Mather, Great Britain.

Diploma ‘For impressive adaptation of a classical story’ to a film ‘The Law of Life’, director Rishat Gilmetdinov, Russia.

Diploma ‘For integral combination of animated technique and storyline’ to a film ‘Viliam’, director Veronika Obertova, Slovakia.

In a category ‘The First Professional Film’:

The Category Prize and 3000 US Dollars to a film ‘My Childhood Mystery Tree’, director Nataliya Mirzoyan, Russia.

Diploma “For animated freemasonry in love” to a film ‘Laterarius’, director Marina Rosset, Switzerland.

Diploma for “For expressive interpretation of timing, sound and graphics” to a film “Ritual”, director Zbigniew Czapla, Poland.

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