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3 september 2020

Dear friends! Due to the current threat of spread of the coronavirus infection, this year we are forced to cancel the XXVIIth International Animated Film Festival KROK. For the first time in the history of the festival, which spans thirty years, we make this decision with great regret. During all these years KROK has been staying strong through various economic and political cataclysms, always remaining the home of animation directors from more than 50 countries, always supporting the ideals of humanism, peace and friendship between nations with the means of animation. The festival has always provided ample opportunities for a comprehensive exchange of experience between animators from different countries, as well as exploration of national features and world traditions in animation, which has, sadly, become impossible in the current tense epidemiological situation.

We express our deepest hope that the situation will allow us to hold the festival in the usual format and scale in 2021. The results of Selection 2020 remain valid. Follow information updates on our Facebook pages. With respect, the Direction and the Organizing Committee of IAFF KROK.

22 july 2019

Dear friends, at last the long-awaited moment has come and we are happy to reveal the names of the lucky ones who became the participants of the anniversary KROK festival!
During the selection we received 1084 films from 62 countries of the world. As a result, 123 films from 33 countries were selected for the Competition. Congratulations!

1. Austria Rebecca Akoun “Shaul and Ivan”
2. Belarus Daria Dedok “Play for Today”
3. Belarus Igor Volchek “How the Bear Looked for a Friend”
4. Belgium Jacky de Groen “Spermaceti”
5. Belgium group of 20 directors “Paulette's Life”
6. Belgium Capucine Muller “Dutchgaria”
7. Belgium Carl Roosens “Motamo”
8. Belgium Claudia Cortes Espejo, Lora D'Addazio and Mathilde Remy “The Voice Over”
9. Belgium Louison Chambon “Hello Emptiness”
10. Belgium Marine Jacob “Not Today”
11. Belgium Yuriko Noda “Chubby Tummy Bunny”
12. China Chen Xi, An Xu “The Six”
13. China Zhao Lin “Modern Babel”
14. Czech Republic Daria Kascheeva “Daughter”
15. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland Martin Smatana “The Kite”
16. Denmark Jennifer Alice Wright “Sad Viking”
17. Denmark August Niclasen “Deepness of the Fry”
18. Denmark Mikkel Battefeld “The Applicant”
19. Denmark Sara Aunbirk “Lystfiskeren”
20. Denmark Thinh Nguyen “Tom Has A Plant”
21. Estonia Martinus Klemet “Angel's Trumpet”
22. Estonia, Croatia, France Chintis Lundgren “Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves”
23. Finland Ami Lindholm “Mother and Milk”
24. Finland Elli Vuorinen “Kiirehessä Liikkumatoin” (“Still Lives”)
25. Finland Emma Louhivuori “Her Head”
26. Finland Markus Majaluoma and Mikko Kunnas “Albi The Snowman”
27. France Bruno Collet “Mémorable”
28. France Charline Parisot, Jérémy Cissé, Fioretta Caterina Cosmidis, Flore Allier-Estrada, Maud Lemaître-Blanchart, Ludovic Abraham “Sans Gravité” (“No Gravity”)
29. France Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat, Nathaniel H'limi “My Life in Versailles”
30. France Collectif Illogic “Maestro”
31. France Donato Sansone “X.Y.U.”
32. France Héloïse Courtois, Victori Jalabert, Chloé Plat, Adèle Raigneau “Grand Bassin” (“The Big Pool”)
33. France Iulia Voitova “La plongeuse” (“The Diver”)
34. France Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet “Hors Piste”
35. France Marta Gennari “Bigoudis” (“Rollers”)
36. France Matthieu Fouquet “Le Diner” (“The Dinner”)
37. France Megane Lepage, Kevin Langouet, Meghan Marino, Agathe Revillod, Fanny Robert-Dumas “Battle Royal”
38. France Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier “The Stained Club”
39. France Nathan Harbonn-Viaud “What's behind that door?”
40. France Osman Cerfon “I’m Going Out For Cigarettes”
41. France Sandralee Zinzen, Nicolas Nivesse “My Body”
42. France Tiantian Qiu “La Pasteque” (“The Watermelon”)
43. France Yann Le Bot “Ramouli”
44. France Zozo Jhen, Marine Varguy, Yen-Chen Liu, Tena Galović, Ellis Kayin Chan “A Gong”
45. France Anissa Beddiaf, Edwige Bellin du Coteau, Lucile Fillon, Perrine Lemonnier, Zacharia Mekideche, Léa Mouraud, Armelle Roy “Sacrées Nonnes” (“Holy Nuns”)
46. France Ariane Teillet “La Rapiette” (“The Lizard”)
47. France, Belgium Emilie Pigeard “Butterboo”
48. France, Belgium Remi Durin “Big Wolf & Little Wolf”
49. France, Hungary Nadja Andrasev Symbiosis
50. France, Spain Marie Paccou “A Little Lovin'”
51. Germany Aljoscha Ramon Böhnert, Michelle Burakowski “Milchmänner” (“Milk Men”)
52. Germany Cornelius Koch “Der Tod des Filmemachers” (“Death of the Filmmaker”)
53. Germany Gil Alkabetz “A Stormy Night”
54. Germany Stefan Vogt “Master of Light”
55. Germany Veronica Solomon “Love Me, Fear Me”
56. Germany Julia Ocker “Anglerfish”
57. Germany Julia Ocker “Elephant”
58. Germany Sonja Rohleder “NEST”
59. Greece Dimitris Armenakis “First Thirst”
60. Hong Kong Kwun Chung Chan, See Wan Chang, Tsz Yin Wong “Kin's Hair”
61. Hungary Fábián Balogh “Our House”
62. Hungary Flora Anna Buda “Entropia”
63. Israel Ido Shapira & Amit Cohen “Hounds”
64. Japan Team Am Am Gokkun (Haruna Ueno, Minato Matuda, Tomoko Taiga) “Om Nom Nom…”
65. Japan Kazuki Yuhara “MOWB”
66. Japan Sawako Kabuki “Takoyaki Story”
67. Latvia Janis Cimmermanis “Parizes Noslepumi” (“Secrets of Paris”)
68. Luxembourg, France Laurent Witz “Quirkistador”
69. Mexico Azucena Castillo “Carnival”
70. The Netherlands Wiep Teeuwisse “Intermission Expedition”
71. The Netherlands Sjaak Rood “At First Sight”
72. The Netherlands Sophia Twigt, Daphna Awadish “Yallah! Yallah!”
73. The Netherlands Studio Job, Joris & Marieke “A Double Life”
74. The Netherlands, France Adriaan Lokman “Flow”
75. New Zealand Phil Brough “Fire in Cardboard City”
76. Poland Marta Pajek “III”
77. Poland, Germany, France Izabela Plucinska “Portrait of Suzanne”
78. Portugal, Canada, France Regina Pessoa “Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days”
79. Romania Sergiu Negulici “The Blissful Accidental Death”
80. Russia Sasha Svirsky “A Virgin Wind”
81. Russia Alexandra Abramova, Yulia Rostovskaya, Kseniya Vasilieva, Natalia Vorotnikova “Don’t Smoke on the Train”
82. Russia Alexandra Galitskova “Airship of Unknown Direction”
83. Russia Alexandr Vasiliev “Hello, My Dears”
84. Russia Alexei Pochivalov “Chess”
85. Russia Anastasiya Belousova “Big”
86. Russia Anastasia Savelieva, Galina Pichuga, Daria Lebedeva, Olga Serguladze, Milana Deripaska “Sur.Faces”
87. Russia Andrei Bakhurin “Decanimeron-1”
88. Russia Vasiliy Yefremov “Beetle in the Anthill”
89. Russia Galina Golubeva “Mirror”
90. Russia Georgiy Boguslavskiy “In the Lead Roles. Puppet Experiments of the “Soyuzmultfilm” Studio”
91. Russia Daria Volchok “Soft Nothings”
92. Russia Yevgeniy Fadeyev “Keep Quiet”
93. Russia Yevgeniya Zhyrkova “Bless You!”
94. Russia Yekaterina Mikheyeva “Tamed”
95. Russia Ivan Maximov “Lonely Monster Goes Out”
96. Russia Ivan Khanzhyn “A Long Kiss”
97. Russia Konstantin Bronzit “He Can’t Live Without Cosmos”
98. Russia Marina Karpova “Vasilisa the Lazy”
99. Russia Mariya Koneva, Vladimir Sakhnovskiy “Bodo Forgets”
100. Russia Mariya Yakushyna “Ice Skates”
101. Russia Polina Kampioni “Game 74”
102. Russia Sergei Vavilov “Sunday”
103. Russia Tatiana Kuznetsova, Masha Serebryakova, Nikolay Shakin, Vera Pavlova, Ira Mironova, Natasha Chingina, Olga Fedorova, Kira Vishnyakova, Masha Bondar, Varya Badadgulova “Ten Studies in Black”
104. Russia Yulia Kulikova “Allegory”
105. Russia, France, Germany Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova “Listen Papa!”
106. South Korea Jeong Dahee “Movements”
107. South Korea Kim Jae-Hee, Kim Eun-Kyeong “Bathroom”
108. Switzerland Basil Vogt “Duodrom”
109. Switzerland Frederic Siegel and Benjamin Morard “The Lonely Orbit”
110. Switzerland Lynn Gerlach “Drachenhoele” (“Dragon’s Nest”)
111. Switzerland Michael Frei “KIDS”
112. Switzerland, Belgium, France Marjolaine Perreten “The Last Day of Autumn”
113. Ukraine Alexander Bubnov “The Cord”
114. Ukraine Jose Gamadrillo “Jose”
115. United Kingdom Jessica Mountfield “Anna”
116. United Kingdom Anna Mantzaris “Good Intentions”
117. United Kingdom Beorn Leonard “The Meteor and the Moon”
118. United Kingdom Dal Park “West Question East Answer”
119. USA Alan Jennings “The Trouble with Trolls”
120. USA Nata Metlukh “Paper or Plastic”
121. USA Nicholas D’Agostino “Blind Mice”
122. USA, China Junyi Xiao “The Last Man on Earth Sat Alone in a Room”
123. USA, China Siqi Song “The Coin”

8 october 2018

JURY DECISION Of the XXV International Animated Film Festival ‘KROK’

18 july 2018

Dear friends! Such an exciting moment! Drum roll … and heartbeat! We know that this information will please a lot of you, but it will also upset others. We are happy to congratulate all the authors who became “KROK-2018” participants, and we ask not to get disappointed those who won’t find their names on the list. The competition was really intense. The selection committee has chosen 132 films out of 1300. Each participant will receive an official letter in the nearest future, and we ask everyone to give a prompt reply to it. Congratulations!!!

3 april 2018

The ÕÕV International Animated Film Festival KROK-2018 will be held from September 30th to October 7th 2018 on the territory (Moscow - Uglich - Myshkin - Yaroslavl - Nizhny Novgorod - Cheboksary - Kazan) of the Russian Federation aboard the “Konstantin Simonov” steamboa

We are happy to announce that film submissions to a selection 2018 is open. Looking forward to your films!
Entry form


25 september 2017

JURY DECISION Of the XXIV International Animated Film Festival ‘KROK’

21 july 2017

Dear friends!
Finally the long-awaited news!!!
We are now ready to announce the films which will compete for the KROK prizes this year.

But before that a little bit of facts: We’ve received 972 films from 54 countries from all over the globe. This year the selection team was formed by: Svetlana Filippova, Svetlana Razgulyaeva, Andrey Zolotukhin, Michael Tumelya, Oleg Uzhinov and of course our program director Alik Shpilyuk.

As a result of their cooperation 141 films (36 countries) were selected into KROK-2017 competition program.

23 june 2017

Dear friends,
Please note the following changes. Due to circumstances beyond our control dates of the XXIV International Animated Film Festival were changed.
Our good long-standing partner, Vodohod company has shorten the navigation time of their ships and suggested us the alternative dates of the festival cruise during a wonderful warm period - "velvet" season. We are happy to announce that this year KROK will take place from 13 to 21 September with the next itinerary: Moscow - Uglich - Myshkin - Petrozavodsk - Valaam Island - Saint Petersburg.
We'll be glad to see all the friends and coleagues!

The 24th KROK International Animated Film Festival will be held from 13 to 21 of September 2015 in Russia along the route: : Moscow - Uglich - Myshkin - Petrozavodsk - Valaam Island - Saint Petersburg.


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